6 Best Hair Dryers in 2019 – Salon Hairstylists Recommend

6 Best Hair Dryers in 2019 - Salon Hairstylists Recommend

Trust me on this:

A good hair dryer is worth investing!

You will love the whole experience every time you blow hair!

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Lots of people think that the function of the hair dryer is to blow the hair dry,  so just choose a random brand, and at most the difference is power size. 

But in fact, the quality of the hair dryer will really affect your hair health.

The power, gear position, cold and warm air, air outlet and hair care function of the hair dryer are all factors to be considered.

It is a compilation of products that come with top-notch features that will leave your hair shiny with reduced drying time.

You don’t want to settle on a dryer that can damage or frizz your hair, right?

Then read on to discover what makes this product amazing and suitable for you.

So, let's get started!

The 6 Best Hair Dryers in 2019 as Listed

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is definitely the hottest hair dryer ever since it's released. 

Not to mention its beautiful appearance, also with outstanding features: fast drying, optional windshield / temperature, intelligent temperature control.

It's a surprise that even a hair dryer can have so much technology. 

Meanwhile, this hair dryer basically covers all the advantages of other hair dryers in the current time.


The empty void-like barrel and an elongated handle gives it a unique look. Moreover, the stainless-steel body construction is a great design which makes the dryer eye-catching. 

dyson hair dryer


The dryer feels a little lighter, but its shape makes using it pretty simple. The weight ensures that the machine is well balanced reducing arm ache. 

dyson supersonic hair dryer

Time to dry hair

Its ultra-drying feature enables your hair to dry in a few minutes.

However, faster drying demands controlled high-speed air flow. 

dyson supersonic hair dryer

Effect to the hair

 The air temperature is regulated and monitored up to 20 times per second by a microprocessor.

In this case, this prevents your hair from being damaged leaving them with a natural shine and silky look.

2. T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer

T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer

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Do you need an easy to carry hair dryer that can fit into your bag?

If this is all you need,  then the T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer is the one for you. 

It perfectly provide you with the ultimate hair drying solutions which makes it a suitable travel companion. 

The machine meets several requirements to earn a spot as one of the best hair dryers for traveling.

It also performs well with superheat alongside great versatility.

Thus, it will make your hair drying experience far much better.


It comes with an attractive look with an outstanding folding handle that enables you to maximize space. Besides, its compact design makes it suitable for traveling.

T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer3


The hair dryer is designed with a lightweight alongside a scratch resistant surface. The weight makes it highly portable.

T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer4

Time to dry hair

With its 2-speed heat settings; a dual voltage and a cool shot you can rest assured that your hair will dry in no time. 


The effect of the hair

The hair dryer is built using innovative technology which enables it to improve hair styling. It leaves your hair healthy and shiny. This explains why it is the perfect choice for celebrity styling. 

3. Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Hair Dryer

Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Hair Dryer

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Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Hair Dryer is designed to produce a good airflow that dry hair at a standard speed. Its body is not so heavy with a perfect temperature to get the job done. 

It has professional-quality with 3 attachments including quick-dry blow dry nozzle for smooth, shiny hair.

Nanoe technology adds up the volume of your hair and keep it moisture.

It comes with a number of useful functionalities which makes it stand above the pack. The machine is among the best hair dryers that works well with little difficulties.


The hair dryer comes with a professional like-feel with targeted and powerful hair flow. They are available in three pro-styling hair attachments.

Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Hair Dryer2


It is but with a weight of approximately 718g which isn’t too heavy making it perfect for everyday use. 

Panasonic EH-NA65-K nanoe Hair Dryer4

Time to dry hair

The unique quick dry nozzle that it is engineered with enables dual airflow for quicker drying. 


Effect on hair

The dryer is used alternating modes for cold and warm air flows. This enhances the shininess of your hair up to 1.2 times. It also prevents crooked hair. 

4. GHD Air Hair Dryer

GHD AIR wanderlust hairdryer

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Just like all other GHD products, the GHD wanderlust air hairdryer is not an exception, and it comes with a professional strength AC motor that dry your hair for salon style within half of standard time.

The revolutionary ionic technology is the key to soft and smooth hair.

The packaging that it the dryer arrives with is worth mentioning. It gives you an impression that the item inside is great even before you open it.

The design is also remarkable, and you don't want to miss it is it at home or your workplace if you are a saloon owner. 


GHD wanderlust air dryer is designed with a beautiful ok. Its body is matte black which makes the dryer look good and keeping it clean is very simple. 



You will notice that the dryer feels lighter when holding it as compared to other products. 

Time to dry hair

With a 1600w powerful motor, the strength of this machine is unquestionable. This great power allows your hair to dry 2X faster

GHD hair dryer effect

The effect to the hair

This hair dryer does not just dry your hair like most standard dryers; its iconic technology feature allows it to lock in moisture thus keeping your hair soft and shiny for long.

5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer 

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

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Most people would like to have a powerful dryer that has good speed with reduced weight for better performance.

Well, this is exactly what the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer delivers.

The machine comes with a variety of useful features which is why it is the best hair dryer when it comes to affordability blended with proper functionality. 


This BaByliss Pro comes with a perfect design that matches its speed and efficiency. The look that its built with is attractive, and its body construction makes using it more comfortable. 



This hair dryer is constructed with a reduced weight of 1.lbs. this means that you can easily carry it around when the need to arises plus using it results in less fatigue. 

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer2

Time to dry hair

Its titanium is a good heat conductor that works with the powerful motor to give excellent airflow. You can expect reduced drying unlike when using cheaper dryers.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer3

The effect to the hair

The machine does not burn your hair or your fingers while maximizing its drying speed to make your hair shiny. 

6. Parlux Compact Hair Dryer

Parlux 3200 Compact Hair Dryer

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The parlux 3200 compact is the best hair dryer widely used for professional hair drying available in the market today.

As a matter of fact, it the favorite machine for most leading saloons. Additionally, it is suitable for home usage.

The features will give you an easy time getting that beautiful hairstyle.

Considering the fact that it works pretty well, you can expect to get little to zero challenges when using it. 


This machine comes with a beautiful design with different color options to choose from. This means that you can never miss one that you like most. 


The dryer is lighter with improved durability. Its 490 grams weight with a tiny 20cm reduces fatigue when using it. 

Time to dry hair

It comes with 2 specialized nozzles that can be fixed easily with 380 degrees of rotation capability. This allows the dryer to work efficiently and drying hair even faster.

The effect of the hair

Its ionic technology allows the dryer to transform water drops into small molecules leaving your hair shiny and soft.


A hairdryer is a useful tool for maintaining your hair in good form.

However, not all of them work perfectly which is why you need to be keen to pick the best hair dryer. 

If you use the machine well, then you can be sure to keep your hair healthy for long.

It plays a key role in preventing accumulation of bacteria on the scalp especially for those suffering from irritation, dandruff, fungus and other issues on the scalp.

This quick review some of the best dryers you can get to help you narrow down your selection process to only products with guaranteed satisfaction.

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