Best shampoos and conditioners for every hair type 2019

Best shampoos and conditioners for every hair type 2019

Trust this:

Half of your look is defined by your hair!

Women and men with great hair are always super attractive!

Do you know that everyone's hair is unique and should receive the care tailored to its particular needs? 

Real beauty starts from the hair. 

And when it comes to hair, there are no one-size-fits-all.

You have to find the best shampoo and conditioner that's ideal for the kind of hair you have. 

But making this decision can be challenging given the number of options available for you. 

The initial step is to understand the unique needs of your hair.

You should count yourself lucky because we've put together all the best shampoos and conditioners for all types of hair without forgetting about your pocket.

Therefore, choosing among the many brands should no longer be a thing to worry about. Check it out!

Best shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair

The list of shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair is incredibly long.

However, we have narrowed down to the top 3 great hair care products that are best suited for damaged hair. 

1. Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo


Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence are both big fans of Oribe.

It's absolutely the queen of the best shampoo and conditioner industry.

The Gold Lust Repair and Restore shampoo by Oribe contains a combination of centuries-old healing oils and extracts from argan, cypress, and maracuja.

The bio-restorative complex balances your scalp and re-builds the inner strength of each hair strand.

It reawakens your hair, so it appears healthier and youthful.

This shampoo is ideal for you if your hair has been damaged by perming and styling.

2. Kerastase Chronologiste Bain Révitalisant

Kerastase Bain-Revitalisant-Chronologiste-250ml-01-Kerastase

This shampoo is formulated to cleanse your devitalized hair deeply.

It uses highly active ingredients that wash impurities in your scalp and soothes each fiber of your hair.

Your hair will enjoy the youthful softness and shine.

Chronologiste is ideal for aging and devitalized hair.

It energizes hair fibers leaving your hair light and supple.

Your hair will regain its vitality and its natural luster.

3. Leonor Greyl Paris Crème Régénératrice

Leonor Greyl Conditioner for dry and damaged hair

This is a deep conditioner for damaged hair.

Creme Regeneratrice deeply regenerates, revitalizes, and repairs damaged hairs giving it softness, shine as well as easy manageability.

 This conditioner can nourish, hydrate and reawaken dull, over-processed hair by rebalancing the hair's delicate pH levels. 

Creme Regeneratrice also enhances and preserves the artificial color of hair.

Its creamy formula consists of chamomile and seaweed extract known to soothe irritated scalps. 

The formulation also contains whey protein which mends and adds strength to hair fibers to prevent split-ends and frizz.

Best shampoos and conditioners for Curly/Frizzy Hair

If you possess curly hair, you would want to look for a hair care product that can manage texture and nourish your locks.

These three best shampoos and conditioners for curly/frizzy hair will maintain your curls bouncily and soft. 

1. Living Proof  NO Frizz Shampoo

Living Proof no_frizz_shampoo

The No Frizz Shampoo by Living Proof prides featuring a unique patented formulation called Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA).

This molecule has three functions: blocking humidity; smoothing hair; and repelling oil and dirt to keep your hair clean for longer. 

Your hair will feel and look healthy, smooth, and soft at all times.

2. Kerastase Discipline Keratine Thermique Smoothing Taming Milk Anti-Frizz

Kerastase Discipline Keratine Thermique Smoothing Taming Milk Anti-Frizz

Kerastase promotes the Keratine Thermique as taming, heat-resistant blow-dry milk for your unruly hair in dire need of discipline.

These thermo-protective ingredients seal your hair scales to protect it from heat styling tools and blow-drier up to 180 degrees centigrade.

The deep taming property of is curly/frizzy hair conditioner promoted blow-dry thereby reducing the time you will spend with your hair care provider.

The anti-frizz and anti-humidity properties of the Keratine Thermique ensure that your styled hair remains smoother for extended periods. 

3. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Flawlessly Shampoo

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo and Conditioner

This anti-frizz shampoo from John Frieda features conditioning ingredients that provide you with a beautiful, manageable hairstyle.

It will smooth, soften and straighten stubbornly frizzy or curly hair fibers. 

Its formula is designed for individuals with medium-thick and wavy-curly kind of hairs.

Frizz-Ease helps to achieve a straight style and works wonders for all levels of frizz.

The formulation is also safe for you if you have color-treated hair fibers. 

Best shampoos and conditioners for Colored Hair

The best shampoos can keep your colored or bleached looking bright as new as it was when you stepped out of the salon.

Here are some fantastic options.

1. Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo

Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo

The Technician Color Care shampoo will bath your colored hair with a creamy concoction of powerful anti-oxidants.

Like other great shampoos, this one from Fekkai is infused with the oil of pure grapefruit and scented by creme rose.

It can prevent the appearance of fade and rejuvenate the radiance and the shine of colored hair.

If you nature your hair daily with this shampoo, you can be sure not to revisit the salon soon.

2. KLORANE Colour Enhancing Anti-Fade Shampoo

KLORANE Colour Enhancing Anti-Fade Shampoo with Pomegranate

This could be the best anti-fade shampoo with pomegranate.

It is marketed as a hair care product for damaged, color-treated hair.

It binds color to the hair fibers and stops fading resulting in a more radiant and long-lasting glow.

There is also enhanced vibrancy and reduced dullness. 

KLORANE enriched the Anti-fade shampoo's formulation with Moroccan pomegranate extract and repairing agents known to contain high levels of tannins that bind the color and reduces fading.

Your hair maintains smoothness, softness and becomes easier to manage. 

3. ORIBE Shampoo for Beautiful Color

ORIBE Shampoo for Beautiful Color

Oribe offers you a gentle anti-fade shampoo that will help you retain ultra-beautiful color.

You can be sure this product will help you extend the bright and happy life of the dye you have.

Its formulation consists of high-tech ingredients that target the damaged areas providing intense moisture treatment as well as protecting your favorite hue from elements.

The shampoo also fortifies chemically-treated and over-processed hair. 

Best shampoos and conditioners for Oily Scalp

Dermatologists maintain that no kind of treatment can stop the excess production of oil in persons with greasy scalps.

However, you can achieve great results by washing it frequently with any of these thee best shampoos and conditioners for oily scalp. 

1. Leonor Greyl Balancing Shampoo for Oily Scalps and Dry Ends

Leonor Greyl Paris Balancing Shampoo for Oily Scalps and Dry Ends

This balancing shampoo has specialty formulation to manage oily scalps and dry-ends with immediate results.

This dual-action formula removes follicle-clogging debris from your scalp while protecting it from drying.

The astringent sage extract in the Leonor Greyl Balancing Shampoo absorbs extra sebum to reduce the amount of oil on your scalp.

A blend of carrot extract and whey protein strengthens, hydrates, and fortifies your hair fibers for radiant, youthful tresses. 

2. L'Occitane Aromachologie Revitalizing Fresh Shampoo

Aromachologie Revitalizing Fresh Shampoo

Aromachologie shampoo for oily scalp is rich in essential oils designed to work synergistically to meet the needs of different types of hair.

It helps keep your hair clean for more extended periods by revitalizing it for a durable refreshing sensation. 

This silicon-free shampoo combines 5-essential oils including thyme, mint, cedar, grapefruit, and lavender with purifying vinegar to free your hair from the daily build-up of sebum.

You will love the gentle and refreshing effects of its foaming base.

It will leave your hair energetic and lightweight. 

3. Klorane Shampoo with Citrus Pulp - Clarifying

Klorane Shampoo with Citrus Pulp - Clarifying

Shampoo with citrus pulp by Klorane clarifies and detoxifies oil hair.

It has an anti-free radical action that protects your scalp and hair from exogenous irritants such as pollutants available in the environment, hard water as well as the side effects of modern life that weighs down and devitalizes normal hair.

Best shampoos and conditioners for Dry Hair

Dry hair is perhaps the most prevalent problem that hairstylists see in their salons.

You do not have to visit the salon to have your hair moisturized and hydrated.

You can your own hairstylist and use any of these three shampoos and conditioners for dry hair. 

1. Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo

The Moroccanoil Moisture repair shampoo gently and effectively revives and cleans hair leaving it nourished, strong and manageable.

It is infused with reconstructive keratin, anti-oxidant rich argan oil, and fatty acids which make this moisturizing shampoo capable of mending broken hair strands as well as dead ends.

This shampoo restores the youthful elasticity, shine, and moisture of your hair.

It is paraben-free, sulfate-free, phosphate-free and color-safe. 

2.  Oscar Blandi Jasmine Smoothing Conditioner

Label.M Brightening Blonde Conditioner

The hair expert Oscar Blandi designed the Jasmine Smoothing conditioner to help people with dry hair to enjoy optimally hydrated and moisturized tresses.

It can seal in moisture in the strands without weighing hair down.

It features extracts of Jasmine and vitamin E that control hair and seal cuticles instantly for optimal frizz control.

The result is healthier, shinier and more manageable hair.

3. Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Complete Nutrition Shampoo

Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Complete Nutrition Shampoo

The Nutritive Bain Satin 2 is a perfect shampoo for all kinds of dry and damaged hair.

This gentle hair care product cleanses damaged, dry, and sensitized hair while offering optimal fiber nourishment.

Its formulation has many active ingredients including the Iris Rhizome Extract that has potent anti-oxidant properties.

You will see results immediately while using it daily, which will permanently mask the effects of hair dryness.

Best shampoos and conditioners for dandruff treatment

The aim shampoos for dandruff are to moisturize, treat and add shine to the affected hair.

Not all shampoos and conditioners marketed for this purpose actually work.

Here are three established brands that will do the trick.

1. Leonor Greyl -Gentle Dandruff Treatment Shampoo

Leonor Greyl -Gentle Dandruff Treatment Shampoo

The gentle dandruff treatment shampoo from Leonor Greyl consists of a three-step regimen.

This regimen ensures deep scalp hygiene while eliminating dandruff gently.

Amazingly, you'll obtain an instant result on using the regimen as instructed. 

You'll use three Leonor Greyl products here.

These include Regenerescence Naturelle for pre-treatment and Bain Traitant a La Propolis and Creme Aux Fleurs for getting rid of flaking or dandruff.

Leonor Greyl will provide you with instructions on how to use the regimen. 

2. Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Nizoral is an anti-dandruff shampoo that has been clinically proved as effective in treating the itching and flaking that are commonly associated with dandruff.

This shampoo will help you keep dandruff at bay for long periods if you wash your hair twice a week with it. 

The Nizoral A-D anti-dandruff shampoo contains the anti-fungal agent ketoconazole 1% that kills the fungus that causes the itching, scaling and flaking associated with dandruff.

This hair care product is salon tested and proven gentle and safe enough for use on chemically-processed and color-treated hair. 

3. WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner

This product comes as a set consisting of Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo and conditioner.

WOW infused them with botanicals to rebuild and clarify dandruff infested hair.

The shampoo is non-foaming and contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients that help to repair and rejuvenate your scalp and hair. 

It can eradicate the itching, scaling and flaking caused by dandruff.

The shampoo also stimulates the scalp to increase blood flow and restore your scalp and hair to the healthy pH levels.

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo has pure, hand-picked ingredients making suitable for all types of hair.

Best shampoos and conditioners for Thin Hair

The diameter of your hair strands will grow thinner as you get old. 

It is an entirely natural process. 

Will you fold your hands and let age rob you of your youthful tresses?

I guess not. 

You can increase the thickness of your hair using the best hair products for thin hair.

Here are three excellent options:

1. Kerastase Densifique Bain Densite Bodifying Shampoo

Kerastase Densifique Bain Densite Bodifying Shampoo

Have you been struggling to improve your hair that lacks density or thinning?

Well, this gentle but thorough cleanser will leave your hair more resilience, substance, and strength 

Its dosage hyaluronic acid has excellent effects in plumping thin hair with moisture.

A blend of ceramides and gluco-peptides extracts, on the other hand, encourages stronger, textured feeling of fibers.

With regular use, your hair will look more resilient and fuller. 

2. Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Shampoo

Rene Furterer Volumea Volumizing Shampoo

This high-quality shampoo features Carob extracts in its formulation.

Carob extracts are well known for their powerful cleansing effects.

The formula can detangle your hair and leave it fine and limp with a long-lasting increase in density. 

This gentle Volumizing shampoo can visibly thicken strands and enhance their volume without unnecessarily weighing your hair down. 

3. Kiehl's Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo

Kiehl's Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo

Kiehl's has been in the hair products market for centuries.

Their Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo is what you need to take care of your thinning hair.

Kiehl's infused this shampoo with a rich blend of naturally derived poly sugars and proteins to review and add substance to thin, lifeless hair.

It cleanses hair leaving behind no heavy residues, so your hair feel fuller, healthier and thicker. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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